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We are the Trumann Police Department.  Our department is the largest in Poinsett County.  We have a very proactive team of officers that serve and protect  the city of Trumann.                        



   Ranking Officers


 Chief  Henson  (Dept. Head)



      Lieutenant Lenny Becker (CID Division)

      Sergeant Shane Blagg  (Special Services Division)


        Lieutenant Gary Henry (Patrol Division)

        Sergeant Corey Overstreet (Patrol Supervisor)

        Sergeant Chad Mason (Patrol Supervisor)










The police department has 18 full-time officers, 1 school resource officers, 3 reserve/part-time officers, 5 dispatchers and jailers/matrons, and 2 full time admin. assistants


Police Station: 


Located at 221 Melton Ave, The District Court House is located at the same location. The building is just over 11,000' and is at full capacity. 

PO Box 120--Trumann Police Department--Trumann, AR 72472 

870-483-6423 emer. 870-483-5121 bus. 

Fax: 870-483-2996 


District Court: 870-483-7771 


Detention Facility: 


Located at the same location, 14 beds, 1 Trustee Room, Sally Port with 2 doors, Large Booking area, Intake Photo area, Search Room, Bonding Area, Visitation Split Room with telecom., 5 Cells with phone service, and all under the watchful eye of 9 cameras. 


Dispatch Center: 


The full functioning dispatch center includes a terminal for ACIC/NCIC, an in house computer in network, warrants, summons, and radio contact with the fire department and ambulance service. The dispatchers do 9-1-1 transfers and answer direct emergency phone calls. 

Remember 9-1-1 or 870-483-6423 



Patrol & K-9: 


The patrol division is operating around the clock with a full crew; the officers patrol the city streets and answer calls when called up on to do so. The officers are well trained and loyal to citizens of our community. The officers are trained at the Arkansas law Enforcement Academy with college hours transferred. 

Our K-9 dog, trained in narcotics and tracking. The K-9 is re-certified every year and is one of top quality. 


Criminal Investigation Division: 


Three CID officers manage this office with help of two secretaries; the officers are responsible for crime scenes, drug investigations and areas such as this. This office also manages our NIBRS crime report information. This department has several pieces of equipment to help aid them in investigations. 


Reserve/Part-Time Officer Program: 


The department has 3 officers that help on a regular basis, the officers are a great asset and worth their weight in gold. We provide the officers with all the essentials, weapons, portable radios, and bullet proof vests. The officers are paid for anytime that they are scheduled to work. 


Training Building & Firing Range: 


The training building is 1200' and is located just south of the firing range. They both are recent additions to our department and we are very proud to have them. The department is very lucky to have several certified instructors on staff. The location is at the very north east corner of the city. 




Each and every officer is assigned a .40 cal Glock with night sights, ammo, and all of the web gear. Each officer receives a clothing allowance for uniforms and boots. Each officer is assigned their own take home car. Each officer is assigned a bullet proof vest. Officers have at their disposal 12 gauge shotguns & rifles 

(AR-15 M-4's). The officers are assigned to an office, which has computers and proper work stations. 




The department has up to date police vehicles which are assigned to each officer as take home vehicles for emergency call outs and for deterrent factor they have.


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































The building in which the Trumann Police Department is housed was built in 1973 and in 2001 went through an interior renovation. The building is located at 221 Melton Ave, just off of Hwy 463 in Trumann. The old police station was located downtown on the corner of Ozark & Main and was separate from the old jail, which was just down the street. The police station and jail are all in one building now and has been since it was built in '73. The department has had a few chiefs since the first one in 1939, before that the city had what is known as "Town Marshalls" for their top lawman. The department has built up to the current personnel from just a hand-full that the city was a custom to in the early days. The population of Trumann is around 7,000 and is the largest city in Poinsett County which has total population of around 26,000. The city changed its name twice before landing on the name Trumann, the names went from Weona to Mosier and around the turn of the century is when they decided on the name Trumann. Back in the early days the officers would drive their personal vehicles on patrol. The department is today one of the finest around and we are very proud of its growth. 


Edgar Sullins 1939-1965
Glenn Phillips 1964-1967
Marvin Cook 1967-1969
Charles Meredith 1969-1974
Bobby Berry 1975-1977
Buford Presley 1977
Jim Furnish 1978-1987
Jerry Bland 1988-2000
Corky Richardson 2000-2004
Larry N. Blagg 2004-Jan. 27th, 2009


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